Abe visit to Israel and the ISIS hostage - Sakai Tanaka

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Abe visit to Israel and the ISIS hostage - Sakai Tanaka ISIS has expanded in the Middle East and North Africa, expanded global anti-terrorism Washington, US intelligence officials, the Islamic state is to expand beyond the Syria and Iraq of the base, Afghanistan, Algeria, Egypt, founded the armed branch in Libya, and a new world war is becoming more realistic against terrorism It says. Officials of the Intelligence Report institutions, 0? To Syria and Iraq in this group, we estimate that 00 people militants are of. It said the United States counter-terrorism personnel, Jordan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, and in countries such as Yemen, [there is a possibility that at least several hundred militants are present] with a reduced formal commitment of loyalty to the group It was. Officials, because they were discussing confidential information about the organization, was requested anonymity. Defense Intelligence Agency Vincent R Stewart of the Secretary, in this month of evaluation ?? report, said the [international presence of the Islamic state (also known as ISIS or ISIL) are becoming increasingly clear.

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